Shunsuke Kano / Kosuke / Satomi Sakuma / Yoshinori Mizutani / Yusaku Yamazaki / Wataru Yamamoto

PARIS:11/8(sat)-16(sun) / TOKYO:1/21(wed)-29(thu)

© Shunsuke Kano  [Courtesy of Maki Fine Arts]

© Yoshinori Mizutani  [Courtesy of IMA gallery]

© Kosuke  [Courtesy of IMA gallery]

© Yusaku Yamazaki

© Satomi Sakuma [Courtesy of POETIC SCAPE]

© Wataru Yamamoto [Courtesy of YUMIKO CHIBA ASSOCIATES]

The young Japanese photographers of the future:

With the support of Panasonic, the photographic exhibition showcasing young Japanese talent, ‘LUMIX MEETS JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS #2’, will be held in Paris and Tokyo for the second year in a row.

Recently, the acclaim and prominence of Japanese young photographers has been steadily rising within the art photography market. In the light of this trend, 2014 has been a remarkable year for ‘the rising stars of photography’, and could be appropriately termed ‘Year One of a New Generation of Japanese Photographers’.

In particular, the Dutch exhibition ‘Unseen Photo Fair’ featured a wide variety of up and coming Japanese talent; and a truly fresh batch at that. From a historical context of Japanese photography that has continued to develop and evolve along a Galapagos-like and unique path, these photographers have a subject-interest and style that is entirely their own, reminiscent of the impact that the ‘glowing age’ of Japanese photography delivered in the 1960s and 70s.

The six photographers that have been selected from this group are a spirited example of artists both rich in expression and well-versed in the aesthetic legacies that their predecessors leave behind. Here is a chance to witness the fruits of their most truthful labors with the art of photography, and the multitude of creativity and character that is born from such a challenge.

Paris and Tokyo: A commemorative and progressive exhibition:

“LUMIX MEETS JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS #2” is an exhibition held simultaneously in Paris and Tokyo, sponsored by Panasonic as a part of its support for up-and-coming Japanese photographers, and in conjunction with the release of its LUMIX model. Of the 6 young photographers showcasing their works at this exhibition, 3 of them (Yoshinori Mizutani,Satomi Sakuma and Wataru Yamamoto) will be presenting new works taken with the LUMIX GH4. The other 3 (Shunsuke Kano, Kosuke and Yusaku Yamazaki) will be exhibiting their most definitive and well-known works. Year2020 It is exciting to imagine what kinds of photography will be inspiring and fascinating the world in this near future. We firmly believe that imagining the future through photography plays a direct role in the creation of the future itself.