The Young Japanese Photographers of The Future | LUMIX MEETS JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS 9 in Paris and Tokyo

Maya Akashika/Go Itami/Yumiko Utsu/Kosuke/Yuji Hamada/Yoshinori Mizutani/Wataru Yamamoto/Daisuke Yokota/Kazuo Yoshida


Maya Akashika Let’s try!

The young Japanese photographers of the future

There is a new movement being led by young and promising photographers in Japan today. They are active in publishing zines and collections independently, participating in art fairs overseas, and making full use of their networks to showcase their photography both in and outside of Japan. Their works are a mixture of traditional Japanese photography, characterized by personal subjects and street portraits, and a more conceptual and Western-oriented tradition of photography, sowing the seeds for a variety of novel and exciting methods of expression. While some rely heavily on the use of digital innovations within the medium, others are experimenting with far more classical techniques. However, one thing that the young Japanese photographers of the future all have in common is a strong willingness to transcend their predecessors, demonstrated by their constant pursuit of inventiveness and originality.

Paris and Tokyo: A commemorative and progressive exhibition

“LUMIX MEETS JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS 9”is an exhibition held simultaneously in Paris and Tokyo, sponsored by Panasonic as a part of its support for up-and-coming Japanese photographers, and in conjunction with the release of its LUMIX GM model. Of the 9 young photographers showcasing their works at this exhibition, 3 of them (Yumiko Utsu, Yuji Hamada, and Yoshinori Mizutani) will be presenting new works taken with the LUMIX GM. The other 6 (Maya Akashika, Kosuke, Go Itami, Wataru Yamamoto, Daisuke Yokota, and Kazuo Yoshida) will be exhibiting their most definitive and well-known works. Year2020 It is exciting to imagine what kinds of photography will be inspiring and fascinating the world in this near future. We firmly believe that imagining the future through photography plays a direct role in the creation of the future itself.



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    9-17 November 2013
    1 rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris
    ※Venue has been changed from originally-announced one


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    23 November - 1 December 2013
    F 18-8 Sarugaku-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo