Naohiro Udagaw

Naohiro Udagawa

Born in Kanagawa, 1981. Graduated from Chuo University, Department of law in 2004. Past solo exhibitions include: Tabletop at Guardian Garden, Web Gallery, 2014; DAILY at Akaruiheya, 2010. Group shows include New Material at Casemore Kirkeby, San Francisco; 2016; Foam Talent at De Markten, Belgium and Beaconsfield Gallery, London, 2015; STEP OUT! New Japanese Photographer at IMA gallery, 2015 and New Japanese Photography at DOOMED GALLERY, London, 2015. Publications include DAILY, SPACE CADET, 2013. Awards include nomination for FOAM TALENT 2015, Holland, 2015; Honorable Mention Award / Selected by Masashi Sanai from New Cosmos of Photography, 2013 and finalist for 1_WALL, 2013.